Worm Gear Operated Ball Valve

Worm Gear operated ball valves are the suitable option for reducing the operation torque. Worm gear operators create a mechanical advantage in torque, which reduces the amount of work or number of turns required to cycle a ball valve. Gear operated trunnion ball valve is frequested used, as trunnion mounted ball valves are normally bigger size.


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Key Specifications / Features

API specifications limit pull to 80 lbf [360 N] for lever or handwheel operated ball valve. The maximum lever length or handwheel diameter also is limited by industry specifications.

Manual operators, such as gears, are relatively inexpensive and require little peripheral planning beyond the installation and orientation in the process line.

Gears are simple machines that utilize a series of mechanical parts to increase efficiency, or the mechanical advantage that the user gains.

Tooth design and contact can also influence the gear’s efficiency. Strategically designing the shape of the gear tooth reduces the amount of contact between teeth and the bending stress on the teeth, thereby increasing durability.

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