Wafer Check Valve

Wafer check valves are with wafer, wafer lug or flanged ends connection, in dual plate disc, single dist for option. Relia wafer check valves are reliable sealing performance and durable application.


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Key Specifications / Features

Wafer check valves have a solid thermoplastic body with a very thin “wafer” profile that makes them an ideal check valve for applications that require valves with short takeout lengths. Similar in operation to a swing check valve, the wafer check has a solid thermoplastic disc and seat arrangement that performs the check action.

Design: API 594

Disc: Dual Plate

End Connection: Wafer between two flanges

Body: Carbon steel, ASTM A216 WCB

Seat: ASTM A216 WCB+13Cr

Disc: ASTM A351 CF8

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