On a Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve, the ball has support on both top and bottom, and the ball will not move under pressure. The seats move with the medium pressure to tight the ball and seal ring to ensure sealing reliability.

The trunnion mounted ball valve are ordinary double block and bleed design, which can block both upstream and downstream media. And when the pressure in the middle cavity is greater than the seat spring force, the seat will be pushed open to release the pressure inside the chamber to ensure safety.

Trunnion mounted Ball valves are a member of the quarter-turn valve family. They offer reliable sealing and are ideal for oil and gas applications requiring tight shutoff.

Standard Specifications:
Basic design: API 6D/ISO 14313,
Face to face dimensions: API 6D/ASME B16.10
End connection: ASME B16.5
Bore diameter: API 6D/ISO14313
Wall thickess: ASME B16.34,
Fire safe design: API 607

Design Feature:
-Tight shutt off sealing mechanisam
-Low operation torque
-Self-elief of excesive cavity pressure
-Fire safe tested
-Blowout-proof ball seat and stem
-Anti-static design
-Locking device for lever and gear operated
-ISO 5211 top mounting pad for actuator

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