Trunnion Ball Valve, RTJ, 600#

Trunnion Ball Valve, ASTM A105 Body, API Standard, ASTM A105+ENP Ball, PEEK Seat, RTJ Ends, 600#.


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Key Specifications / Features

Trunnion ball valve with trunnion plate design locates the trunnion assembly within the forged body and cap. In such design, both the line pressure and media act upon all ball valve cavity components equally. The advantages of such a design includ: ball movement and side-loading of trunnion plate are minimized thereby decreasing operational torque values and improving stem seal life

Size: 2 inch

Pressure: 600#


Body and Bonnet: ASTM A105

Ball: ASTM A105+ENP

Seat: PEEK

Stem: ASTM A 182 F304

Springs: ASTM 8637 UNS NO 7750

Face to face: L=371mm for RTJ ends

Weight: 49KG.

Torque Value: 470N.m

Lever Operated

Ring Type Joint(RTJ) Flanges

Gaskets and Fire Seal: Flexible Graphite

Trunnion Ball

API Standard

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