Trunnion Ball Valve, PEEK Seat, 900#

PEEK seat Ball Valve, 8″x6″, 900#, ENP Trim, Seals Mat.: PEEK Seat, Reduce Bore.


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Key Specifications / Features

For trunnion ball valve, the ball can be guided by the seats or supported in top and bottom bearings. Seats can be non-metallic and metallic. The packing box is usually short for simple seals. Some designs include facilities for longer boxes to house dual packing sets.

Trunnion ball valve with Anti-blowout Stem design: A ball valve stem that is made with a shoulder, positively retained by the body or bonnet (to avoid under certain operating conditions, that the stem could accidentally blow out).

Solid ball type is to be designed to sustain desired pressure rating of valve. Surface finish of 8 Ra or better to be maintained for bubble tight shut off.

Size: 8 x 6 Inch

Design: API 6D

Pressure: ANSI 900

Body Mat.: ASTM A105N Carbon steel

Trim Mat.: ENP Trim

Seals Mat.: PEEK Seat

Bore: Reduce Bore

Detailed Catalogues With Drawings Shall Be Submitted For Approval.

All Valves Shall Be Factory Tested As Specified Under “Inspection And Testing”.

The Valves Shall Be Tested Hydraulically After Fixing And Any Leakage Shall Be Rectified And Valve Retested.


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