Trunnion Ball Valve, Carbon Steel, Class 150

Trunnion Ball Valves, 2pc, Carbon Steel, 6 Inch, Class 150, Body: A216- Carbon Steel, Trim: 4140/ENP*, Weight: 10KG


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Key Specifications / Features

Ball valves are manufactured in all straight variations; threaded, flanged, wafer, lug and welding. The body can be manufactured in many styles to suit various applications; machined from solid forgings is an option for high pressure critical valves. The ball is replaceable.

Size Bore: 14 Inch

Rating: Class 150

Body: A216- Carbon Steel

Trim: 4140/ENP*

O-ring: Viton B

Weight: 10KG

Torque Value: 35N.m

Stem Dia.: 21MM

Valve Stem Seals And/Or Packings Specified: The Design Of Flexible Graphite Packing Systems Shall Conform To MSS-SP-120.

The Packing Assembly Shall Contain A Dispersed Passive Corrosion Inhibitor To Minimize Stem Pitting Caused By The Galvanic Corrosion Set Up In A Wet Valve Packing Chamber.

Inhibitors In End Rings Are Also Required.

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