API 608 Ball Valve

Trunnion Ball Valve API 608, Ball Valves Designed to meet the Latested Edition of Standard API 608, Flanged, Threaded and Welding Ends.


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Key Specifications / Features

API 608 ball valve is used for the petrochemical industry pipeline media opening or cutting off, which is under the environment such as high temperature and high pressure, inflammable and explosive, corrosive and continuous operation, where require more requirements on valve sealing, material, corrosion. API 608 ball valve has a trunnion ball valve structure and floating ball structure.

API 608 Ball Valves are designed to meet the latest standard API 608, with flange, threaded or welding ends. API 608 ball valves are tested according to API 598 standard.

API 608 Specifies the requirements for metal ball valves suitable for petroleum, petrochemical, and industrial applications that have butt-welding or flanged ends for NPS 1/2 through NPS 24 and threaded or socket-welding ends for NPS 1/4 through NPS 2, corresponding to the nominal pipe sizes in ASME B36.10M. Also applies to metal ball valves in pressure classes 150, 300, and 600 for flanged ends and in pressure classes 150, 300, 600, and 800 for socket-welding, butt-welding, and threaded ends. Establishes requirements for bore sizes described as full bore, single reduced bore, and double reduced bore. Covers additional requirements for ball valves that are otherwise in full conformance to the requirements of ASME B16.34, Standard Class.

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