Trunnion Ball Valve, A105+ENP, Fire Safe

Electroless Nickel Plating – ENP provides a high level of corrosion protection and has an advantage in being an autocatalytic process meaning the Nickel itself will act as a catalyst for the plating mechanism. It will deposit evenly on uneven services making it ideal for Ball Valves.


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Key Specifications / Features

Size: 3 Inch

Rating/Pressure: Class 300

Body: A105-Forged Steel

Ball: A105+ENP

Stem: A105/ENP*

Weight: 49.5KG

Torque Value: 145N.m

All Valves Shall Have Bolted Body.

The Post Weld Heat Treatment Shall Be Performed With The Valve Trim Removed Or, Alternatively, Localized Post Weld Heat Treatment (Full Encirclement) May Be Used Such That Valve Trim Is Not Affected

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