Trunnion Ball Valve, 300#, Flanged

300# Trunnion Ball Valves, 8 Inch, Long Life, Flanged, Forged Steel ( LF2), Seat Insert: Metal


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Key Specifications / Features

The shell thickness of trunnion ball valve calculated for body & end connector are compared with the standard thickness & checked physically by measuring instrument. Stem are designed in such a way to withstand Break away Torque. In the event of seat or seal damage due to contamination,an emergency seal can be formed using seat sealant injection.

Size: 8 Inch

Pressure Rating: 300#

Design: Long Life, Flanged, Trunnion Solid Ball

Body: Forged Steel ( LF2)

Ball: Metal Ball

Seat Insert: Metal

Bonnets, Stems, Stem Extensions, Etc. Shall Be Designed To Withstand The Maximum Anticipated Torque That Might Be Applied During The Operation Of The Valve.

Minimum Thickness Of The Valve Body Shall As A Rule Be According To ASME B16.34 For Standard Class And Shall Meet The Requirements Of Valves Specifications Regarding To Corrosion Allowance.

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