Trunnion Ball Valve, 24 Inch, 150 LB

Soft Seat Trunnion Ball Valves, 24 inch, 150LB, WCB, Renewable Seat, Body: WCB/A216-Carbon Steel, Ball: ANSI 304L, Rings: Viton GF.


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Key Specifications / Features

Size: 24 Inch

Pressure Rating: Class 150

Design: Renewable Seat, Trunnion Ball

Body: WCB/A216-Carbon Steel

Ball: ANSI 304L

Seals: Soft Seat

Rings: Viton GF

Design Spec, End Flanges: ASME B16.5

Finish, Flange Facing: Smooth

Ball Valves Shall Be Fixed As Per The Respective Drawings Or As Directed By The Engineer.

Each Individual Component Of The Valve (Body, Disk, Shaft Etc.) Shall Be Subjected To Heat Treatments And Tests (Including NDT) As Required By The Specific Applicable Material Specification.

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