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Key Specifications / Features

The Relia trunnion ball valve design tolerates the heavy loads applied to the valve trim that result from of large sizes, high pressures and dynamic temperature cycles. Use of low seat-ball friction materials and surface finish for reliable sealing and long service life. Low operation torque design for trunnion ball valve.

Name: 14 Inch Ball Valve

Type: Trunnion Ball Valves

Design: API/ANSI

Ends: FLGD, #150, RF/125 AARH, ASME B16.5

Feature: Single Piston

Body: Carbon Steel

Trim: ASTM A 182 GR F 304


Size: 14 Inch (DN350)

Rating: Class 300 (PN50)

Ends: Flanged Ends

Operation: Worm Gear

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