Side Entry Ball Valve, API 6D, A105N

Ball Valve, Side Entry, API 6D, A105N, Full Bore, 18 Inch, Class 150.


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Key Specifications / Features

Trunnion Ball Valve

Size: DN 18″

Pressure: 150 lbs

Body: ASTM A105N

Ball: AISI 304

Sealling: Metal / Metal

Shaft: ASTM A276 tipo 410

Screw: ASTM 193 Gr B7

Nut: ASTM 194 Gr 2H

Wormgear Box Operated

Fluid: water

Full Bore, with Flanges According ANSI B 16.5, cl. 150 lbs.

API 6D Side Entry Ball Valves

Main Outline Dimensions: L=846mm for RF Ends

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