Sampling Ball Valve

Sampling Ball Valve is a valve constructed with two block valves and a bleed valve. The face to face dimension is as client specifications.


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Key Specifications / Features

Sampling Valves are valves dedicated to drawing a live sample from process piping. They also can be used for injection purposes. They are frequently used in many industrial processes involving liquids and gasses to ensure the product quality meets standards. Samples can be taken in several ways, including using a ball valve to fill an open container.

Sampling ball valves with DBB design are mainly suitable for the instrumentation but is also required as an alternative to the in-line installation of two valves. Thanks to a DBB ball valve, it is possible to have the same result reducing costs, overall dimensions and the ability to bleed off the plant, by controlling a potential leakage of the plant.

sampling ball valves, trunnion ball
Sampling Ball Valves, Trunnion Mounted Ball


Double Block & Bleed Valve With 2 Isolations (Ball Valve) and 1/2″ Vent(Needle Valve)

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