Metal Seated Zero Leakage Ball Valve

Metal Seated Zero Leakage Ball Valve, Metal Seated Ball Valves are with advanced design, the ball and seat are lapped in a mirror for Zero leakage performance. Seat Surface: Satellite, Tungsten Carbide or Chrome Carbide.


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Key Specifications / Features

Metal Seated  Zero Ball Valves excels in the harshest industrial environments, where valve failures can damage plant efficiency, reduce profitability and endanger safety.  Relia’s meticulously engineered metal seated valve can withstand the harshest applications and process conditions, including extreme high temperature, high pressure and abrasive medium.


Relia offers  a large range of metal seated ball valves for different services

-Bubble tight sealing up to 327 ºC and Class V up to 500 ºC
-Low coefficient of friction
-Excellent sliding and running properties
-Hardens the complete surface of ball and seats


To manufacture zero leakage ball valves, the steps to be done are:

-Machining of the body.
-Lapping of the ball and seats as a mirror
-Hardening treatment to ball and seats.
-Final adjustment of the ball with its seats.
-Assembly and test

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