High Pressure Carbon Steel Ball Valves

High Pressure Carbon Steel Ball Valves, Up to ANSI Class 2500, Pressure Relieving Seat Design, Meeting API 6D. High Pressure Carbon Steel Ball Valve Manufacturers in China.


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Key Specifications / Features

Name: High Pressure Carbon Steel Ball Valves

Type: Trunnion Ball Valve

Body: Carbon Steel, Forged Steel

Bonnet: Carbon Steel, Forged Steel

Trim: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Pressure Relieving Seat:

When a trunnion ball valve is in the closed position, media will be trapped in the body cavity. Unless this media is drained, it will be subjected to thermal expansion and contraction. As the temperature rises, the trapped media desires to expand and the pressure increases in the area shown as (Pb).

In order to avoid excessive pressure build-up, the seats are designed to self-relieve, allowing the media in the body to escape to the pipeline. In this case, we have shown it to relieve to the downstream side (Pd). This self-relieving seat design feature is standard on all Relia trunnion ball valves.

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