Gate Valve, 20 Inch

20 Inch Gate Valves, rising stem, wedge gate valves have features to make them easier to operate, preserve sealing capability, and interior coating integrity for many years of reliable service.


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Key Specifications / Features

The opening and closing parts of the wedge gate valve are the gate, the direction of motion of the gate is perpendicular to the fluid direction. The wedge gate valve can only be fully opened and fully closed and can not be adjusted and throttled. The gate has two sealing surfaces, the two sealing faces of the wedge gate valve usually form a wedge.

Gate Valve, 20 Inch, Class 150-1500, Rising Stem Gate Valves, RF

Material: A216 WCB Body, SS 304 Trim

End to End Dimension: 457 mm (RF), 711 mm(BW), 470 mm(RTJ)

Weight: 890 Kg(RF), 850 Kg(BW)

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