Bevel Gear Operated Gate Valves

Bevel Gear Operated Gate Valve, Bevel Gear Actuator can be installed on lines enabling easy operation. Bevel gears provide thrust for rising valves such as gate valves and globe Valves.


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Key Specifications / Features

Bevel Gear Operated Gate Valves with Bevel gears which provide thrust for rising stem valves such as gate valves and globe valves. The environment in which a valve will be placed affects the materials used to construct the valve. Keeping snow, rain, ice, sand, and other materials out of the gearbox helps ensure that the gears do not stick or become damaged during operation.

Manual operators, such as gears, are relatively inexpensive and require little peripheral planning beyond the installation and orientation in the process line. Gears are simple machines that utilize a series of mechanical parts to increase efficiency, or the mechanical advantage that the user gains.

Torque is a function of force and distance. The required force (rim pull) required to open or close the valve can be decreased by increasing the length of the lever or diameter of the handwheel mounted on the valve. The industry defines specifications for the highest values personnel should exert on levers or handwheels to operate a valve. Current API specifications limit pull to 80 lbf [360 N]. The maximum lever length or handwheel diameter also is limited by industry specifications.

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