Forged Steel Gate Valve Class 800

Forged Steel Gate Valve Class 800, bolted bonnet, outside screw and yoke type. Forged Steel Gate Valve Class 800 rising spindle construction body and bonnet made from high quality forgings.


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Key Specifications / Features

Forged Steel Gate Valve Class 800 are Bolted Bonnet, outside screw and yoke type, Rising Spindle construction Body and bonnet made from high quality forgings. Relia Forged Steel Gate Valves in size 1/2 (DN15) to 2 (DN50) to suit various critical, non-critical applications and pressure rating up to Class 2500.

This heavy duty class 800 forged  steel Gate Valve is suitable for the most demanding of process applications. When open the media will flow with a minimal amount of turbulence and pressure drop through the valve and industries where the isolation of viscous fluids and liquid are required.

The forged steel gate valve is designed to API602 and has an outside screw and yolk with rising stem. The handwheel operates the gate valve for both isolation applications only.

Why use forged steel gate valve: these valves provide a positive tight shut off in the horizontal or vertical position for process fluids in pipelines. They also offer a small amount of control and are used to throttle steam, gas or liquids. Easy to operate and the preferred choice over ball valves by engineers to isolate trapping stations.

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