API 607 Fire Safe Ball Valve

Fire safe ball valves are API 607 Certificated, minimizing fugitive emissions and downstream leakage in the event of being exposed to high temperatures characteristic of fires.


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Key Specifications / Features

Fire Safe Ball Valve is a valve that can maintain its pressure containing ability during and after a certain period of fire exposing. This kind of valve we use because the possibility of hazardous or flammable fluid leakage from the valve during fire event.

Standard seat design is primary soft seal, and secondary metal to metal seal. If the primary seat is destroyed by fire, then the secondary metal to metal seal will work.

api 607 approved fire safe ball valve

API 607 –
Fire Test for Soft-seated Quarter-turn Valves

API 607 Standard specifies fire type-testing requirements and a fire type-test method for confirming
the pressure-containing capability of a valve under pressure during and after the fire test.

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