EN ISO 5211

Industrial valves – Part-turn actuator attachments (ISO 5211:2017)


EN ISO 5211 specifies requirements for the attachment of part-turn actuators, with or without gearboxes, to industrial valves.

The attachment of part-turn actuators to control valves in accordance with the requirements of this document is subject to an agreement between the supplier and the purchaser.

This document specifies:

— flange dimensions necessary for the attachment of part-turn actuators to industrial valves [see

Figures 1 a) and 1 c)] or to intermediate supports [see Figures 1 b) and 1 d)];

— driving component dimensions of part-turn actuators necessary to attach them to the driven


— reference values for torques for interfaces and for couplings having the dimensions specified in this document.

The attachment of the intermediate support to the valve is out of the scope of this document.

NOTE 1 In this document, the term “valve” may also be understood to include “valve with an intermediate support” [see Figure 1 b)].


NOTE 2 When a combination of a multi-turn actuator and separate part-turn gearbox is coupled to form a part-turn actuator, the multi-turn attachment to the gearbox is in accordance with ISO 5210:2017, Figures 1 c) and 1 d). A combination of a multi-turn actuator with integral part-turn gearbox supplied as a part-turn actuator is in accordance with Figures 1a) and 1b).

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