Duplex Steel Ball Valve, Flanged

Duplex Steel Ball Valves, 4 inch×3 inch×4 inch, ANSI Class 900, API 6D, ASME B16.34, Zero Leakage.


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Key Specifications / Features

Duplex stainless steels are called “duplex” because they have a two-phase microstructure consisting of grains of ferritic and austenitic stainless steel.Duplex steel have higher strength and better stress corrosion cracking resistance than most austenitic alloys and greater toughness than ferritic alloys, especially at low temperatures.

Title: Duplex Steel Ball Valves

Port: Reduced Port

Class: ANSI Class 900

Size: 4 inch×3 inch×4 inch

Ends: Flanged, RTJ

Operator: Worm Gear

Design: API 6D, ASME B16.34

Test: API 598

Leakage Rate: Zero Leakage

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