Ball Valve Double Piston Effect

Double Piston Effect Ball Valve, Double piston effect seats are pressure energized to be pushed against the ball in both direction. For Double Effect Ball Valve, each seat will be sealed against the ball independantly for the the fluid comes from upstream or down stream.


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Key Specifications / Features

Double Piston Effect Ball Valve (DPE seat), A double piston effect seat, is a seat design, where the location of the seals on the back side of the seat are located in such a way that the seat can use pressure from either the pipeline or the valve cavity as a source of pressure to provide a piston force.

Double Piston Effect Ball Valve
Ball Valve Double Piston Effect Seat Drawing

If upstream seat fails, downstream seat can still ensure valve sealing. Interesting in specific applications (high integrity required) or for some pipe testing issues during construction.

Double Piston Effect Ball Valve cannot perform cavity relief from the seat. They will not release valve body cavity overpressure, a pressure relief design shall be added then.

Typical application: Whenever it is necessary to create an additional safe barrier between the upstream and the downstream sides, such as harmful fluid.

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