Chrome Moly Steel Gate Valve

Chrome Moly Steel Gate Valves, are used for high pressure and temperature. It is used in oil and gas, energy, construction and the automotive industries because of its corrosion resistance and high-temperature and tensile strength.


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Key Specifications / Features

Molybdenum provides the steel with increased strength, which allows it to be extremely effective in even extremely high temperatures. Outstanding resistance against corrosion and oxidation is provided by the chromium, which also means it is resistant to cracking caused by hydrogen attack, embrittlement, and hot sulfide corrosion.

The main Chrome Moly Steel used for valve is WC5, WC6, C9, C12.

Name: Chrome Moly Steel Gate Valve

Material: Low Alloy Steel

Body: ASTM A217 WC9, K21590, 1.7380

Trim: API Trim No. 8

Nominal Trim: 410+Hard Faced

Trim Code: F6-HFS

Stem: 410 (13Cr)

Disc/Wedge: F6 (13Cr)

Seat: 410+Stellite No. 6(CoCr Alloy)

Size: 12 Inch (DN300)

Rating: ANSI Class 2500

Ends: Flanged RTJ

Fluid: High temperature Steam

Structure: Pressure Seal Bonnet (PSB)

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