Cast Steel Globe Valves are valves with flanged end connection designed with BS 1873 standards and widely used in oil refineries.

Relia cast steel globe valves are highly efficient for services requiring frequent operation and throttling when pressure drop across the valve is about 20% of inlet pressure.

Body and Bonnet: Casting are precision machined. One-piece bonnet for better alignment,fewer parts.
Trim: 13Cr stem, 13Cr faced disc, and CoCr alloy faced seats API Trim 8 suitable for service up to 850F(454C)
Seat face: CoCr alloy hardfaced, ground, and lapped to a mirror finish. Conical seatmachined to fine surface finish.
Impact handwheel: Globe valves require higher closing torque and gate valves with same seat diameter and pressure class. The most economical mechanism for tight shutt off is the impact handwheel.

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