Carbon Steel Ball Valve, Cast Steel, 3 Piece, 16 Inch

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Key Specifications / Features

Carbon steel is mainly refer to steel with composition of 0.05%-0.25% carbon and up to 0.4% manganeseFor valve industry. Main material for carbon steel is mainly referred to ASTM A216, ASTM A105; low temperature carbon steel: ASTM A352 LCB, LCC, ASTM A350 LF2. Carbon steel ball valves are widely used for oil and gas industry.

Name: Carbon Steel Ball Valve

Type: Trunnion Ball Valves

Design: ASTM B16.34/API 6D/API 607

Feature: DIB-1, DIB-2 Or DBB

Structure: Three Piece, Split Body

Body: Carbon Steel Ball Valve, Cast Steel

Trim: Carbon Steel Ball Valve, Solid Ball

Seat: RPTFE/Nylon/Devlon/PEEK

Size: 16 Inch (DN400)

Rating: Class 300 (PN50)

Ends: Flanged, ASME B16.5

Operation: Gear

Service: Oil, Gas, Water

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