Buried Ball Valve

Buried Ball Valves, the integral type welded ball valve,there will be no leakage at all. Reliable Buried Ball Valves enable the media in underground pipe systems to be reliably shut off, our buried ball valves are in use.


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Key Specifications / Features


1. The integral type welded ball valve,there will be no leakage at all.

2. The seat is made of carbonize teflon (C-PTFE) which has a strong adapt for the change of the pressure and temperature,there will be no leakage within the state pressure and temperature.

3. The manufacture of the ball tracked and checked by advanced The computer monitor, so the balls have been precisely machined

4. The material of the valve as same as the pipe,there will be no uneven stress,also will not be deformed due to the earthquake and pass by cars.

5. Directly buried type welded ball valve can be buried under the ground directly and not need to high large valve shaft,just need Small shallow Wells ,this save a lots of cost and process time.


• The high machining precision of the ball,easy to operate.
• Compared with other valve of the same specifications,full welded ball valve has a small body.
• It has many kinds of specifications, can also be designed according to customer requirements,Full welded ball valve,full weld flanged ball valve, Directly buried type ball valve,air vented directly buried type ball valve


• The city gas, the gas output pipeline, trunk and feeder supply, etc.;
• The central heating: large output line heating equipment, trunk and branch;
• Heat exchanges, piping and open/close of each circuit;
•The steel mills: all kinds of fluid pipes, exhaust pipe, gas and heat supply, fuel supply line;
• All kinds of industrial equipment: all kinds of heat pipe, all kinds of industrial gas and heat pipe;

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