BS 1873: Specification for Steel globe and globe stop and check valves (flanged and butt-welding ends) for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries

BS 1873 Standard specifies requirements for cast or forged carbon and alloy steel outside screw and yoke globe valve and globe stop and check valves, straight pattern, angle pattern and (oblique) Y pattern, with flanged or butt-welding ends in nominal sizes within the range of15 mm to 400 mm( in to 16 in) and Classes 150 to 2500. This standard can also be used as a general guide where valves of material composition outside the scope of section three of this standard are required as, for example, for use in highly corrosive services or environments or for low temperatures (see clause 37).

The standard can be adapted to apply to valves with needle type seats in 15 mm (; in) an 20 mm (< in) nominal sizes which will meet all requirements of this standard, except that the valve seat bore is reduced and the needle point may be either integral with or loose on the stem.


Pressure classification

BS 1873 standard applies to valves of the following pressure class designations:

Class 150, Class 300, Class 400, Class 600,

Class 900, Class 1500 and Class 2500.

The numerals in these class designations represent the primary service pressure ratings of the valves in pounds-force per square inch.


Pressure/temperature ratings

The pressure/temperature ratings applicable to valves specified in this standard shall be in accordance with Tables PE-1 to PE-12 of Appendix A of BS 1560-2:1970 for the particular shell material specified. There is, however, a temperature restriction on soft seals and on certain trim materials (see 18.3 and 30.5).

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