Bolted Body Floating Ball Valve, Class 600

Floating Ball Valve, Bolted Body, ANSI 600, 1″, Forged Steel ASTM A105 Body, Forged Steel


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Key Specifications / Features

The floating ball valve utilize natural line pressure to press and seal the ball against the downstream seat. The line pressure is exposed to a greater surface area – the entire upstream face of the ball, which is an area equal to the actual pipe size.

Size: 1 Inch

Rating: ANSI 600

Body, Bonnet & Cover: Forged Steel ASTM A105

Ball: Forged Steel ASTM A105 with 0.003″ Electroless Nickel Plating

Seat: TFE / RTFE or TF

Mat Standard, Bolt/ Nut: ASTM A193-B7 and ASTM A194-2H for Bolts and Nuts Respectively

Port: Regular Port

Locking Handle: Yes

Live-Loaded Belleville Washers: Yes

Style: 2-piece Body, Bolted Body

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