Ball Valve, 18″, 600#, RTJ

Trunnion Ball Valves, 18 Inch, 600#, CS, Stem: F316L, Trunnion Ball, RTJ ends, Seat: Soft Sealing


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Key Specifications / Features

Bore Size(Inch): 18″

Rating(Class): 600#

Design: Trunnion Ball, RTJ ends

Body: CS.- Forging Carbon

Ball: Stailess Steel – Forging

Stem: F316L

Seat: Soft Sealing

Packing Box: The Stem Packing Must Be Suitable For Service Conditions Specified And Must Contain A Corrosion Inhibitor To Prevent Oxidation Of The Stem, Especially In Case Of Prolonged Storage. All Valves Stem Shall Be Adjusted Ready For Service.

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