Ball Valve, 16 Inch, 300LB

Carbon Steel Ball Valves, Trunnion, 16″, 300LB, 3PC, Body: Carbon Steel-ASTM, Ball: ASTM A182, Seat Ring: AISI 4140, Weight: 1012 Kg.


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Key Specifications / Features

Size: 16 Inch

Pressure: ANSI 300

Type: 3PC, Trunnion Mounted

Body: Carbon Steel-ASTM

Ball: ASTM A 182

Seat Ring: AISI 4140

Torques Value: 6420 N.m

Weight: 1012 Kg

The Materials For The Tests Shall Be Selected Among Those Of The Greatest Values Of Carbon Equivalents And Maximum Thicknesses That Are Intended To Be Used On Fabrication.

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