API 6FA: Standard for Fire Test for Valves


The purpose of API 6FA standard is to establish the requirements for testing and evaluating the pressure-containing performance of API 6A and API 6D valves when exposed to fire. The performance requirements of this standard establish qualification criteria for all sizes and pressure ratings.

This standard applies to valves with one or more closure members.

API 6FA standard establishes acceptable levels for leakage through the test valve and external leakage after exposure to a fire for a 30-minute time period. The fire exposure test period has been established on the basis that it represents the maximum time required to extinguish most fires. Fires of greater duration are considered to be of a major magnitude, with consequences greater than those anticipated in this test.

API 6FA standard is not intended to address the qualification of valve actuators (including manually operated gearboxes). This standard does not cover check valves, pressure boundary penetration, external fittings, or end connections.

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