API 598 Ball Valve, 24 Inch

Trunnion Ball Valves, 300#, 24 inch, Body & Adaptor: ASTM A105, Ball: 316SS (Solid Ball), Seat Insert: PEEK Beige Colour, Certificates: 3.1.


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Key Specifications / Features

The API standard 598: Valve Inspection and Testing, covers the testing and inspection requirements for gate, globe, check, ball, plug and butterfly valves.

Size: 24 inch

Pressure Rating: ASME Class 300#

Body & Adaptor: ASTM A105

Ball: 316SS (Solid Ball)

Seat Insert: PEEK Beige Colour

Certificates: 3.1

Weight: 3152Kg

Torque Value: 18000N.m

Trunnion Mounted, Block and Bleed Design With Body Bleed Port

Seat Rings Shall Be Of Self-Relieving Type

Trunnion Valves Must Have Double Block And Bleed Arrangement

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