ANSI Flanged Trunnion Ball Valve

ANSI Flanged Trunnion Ball Valves, Meeting ANSI B16.34, ANSI B16.5, ANSI B16.10. Flanged Trunnion Ball Valve Manufacturers in China.


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Key Specifications / Features

The ball of the trunnion ball valve cannot be moved, so the two sides of the trunnion ball valve both must be sealed.

When the trunnion ball valve is closed, the ball does not produce displacement, but the floating seats will move and press against the ball under the action of the media pressure to realize sealing.

Name: Flanged Trunnion Ball Valve

Type: Trunnion Ball Valve

Standard: ANSI

Bore: Full Port

Structure: Bolted Body

Ends: Flanged, RTJ

Standard: ANSI, API

Size: 3 Inch

Class: 900#

Body: ASTM A350 LF2

Trim: SS 304

Seat: Nylon/Devlon/PEEK

Operation: Wrench Operated

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