AL Bronze Gate Valve

AL Bronze Gate Valve are primarily used for stop valves fully opened or fully closed, AL Bronze Gate Valve are good corrosion, suitable for sea water etc..


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Key Specifications / Features

Al Bronze Gate Valve, C95800 is the best of all bronzes. C95800 is Copper Alloy UNS number in ASTM A148 and ASMT B805 for casting purpose. This material is mostly suitable for large size castings, particularly high in strength, and good performances in corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.


Title: Al Bronze Gate Valve

Body: ASTM B148 C95800, AB2C, C70600, HTB1, B62, C95500, C83600

Others: C70600, C86500, C87600, C95400 etc.

Trim: Aluminium Bronze, Monel

Material, Stem : NI-AL-BRONZE

Face to Face : ASME B16.10

Ends: Flanged FF, RF

Design: API 600

Bore Type: Straight

Type of Gate : Flexible Wedge

Type of Stem : Outside Screw & Yoke

Service, Fluid : Sea Water

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