A352 LF2 Floating Ball Valves, Flanged

LF2 Ball Valves, Floating, 600#, RF, 1 Inch, LF2, Lever Operated, OEM Factory
Two-piece Floating Ball Valve,Class 600#,RF,1 inch


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Key Specifications / Features

Size: 1 inch(DN25)


Body: Forged steel A350-LF2-CL1

Bonnet: Forged steel A350-LF2-CL1

Solid Ball: Forged steel A350-LF2-CL1+ENP

Stem: Forged steel A182-F6a

Seat insert: Nylon

O-ring: Vition

Gasket: SS316+graphite

Bare stem, Reduce bore, Flange ends, 2-PC design.

Face to face: L=216mm(RF)

Weight: 14.3kg

1) Open/close position indicator.

2) Locking Device.

3) Anti-blow out stem.

4) Antistatic Device.

5) Fire Safe Structure.

6) Middle Flange Leak-tight Structure.

7) Dependable Seating Structure.

8) Self-relieving Structure.

9) Full and Reduced Bore.

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