A216 WCB Ball Valve, Class 600

A216 WCB Ball Valves, ASME/ANSI 4140+ENP Trim, Devlon Seat, 2 Piece, Class 600, 6 Inch, Piggable, Full Bore.


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Key Specifications / Features

WCB is carbon steel castings for valves, flanges, fittings, or other pressure-containing parts for high-temperature service and of quality suitable for assembly with other castings or wrought-steel parts by fusion welding. The working temperature for WCB is -29~425°C.

Title: A216 WCB Trunnion Ball Valve

Type: Trunnion Ball Valve

Structure: 2 Piece

Body: A216 WCB

Trim: ANSI 4140+ENP

Seat: Devlon V

Ends: RTJ

Bore: Full Bore(FB)

Size: 6 Inch

Pressure: Class 600

Standard: ASME

Feature: Piggable

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