A105/A105N Ball Valve

ASTM A105/A105 Ball Valves are made of forging carbon steel material for valve body, which features high strength, provides reliable performance for low and high pressure applications.


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Key Specifications / Features

A105/A105N Ball Valves are suited for fluid flow requiring assured performance, tight shutoff, constant torque and no maintenance. The ball valve body is made of ASTM A105/A105N, trim can be ASTM A105/A105N or stainless steel.

ASTM A105 is the most commonly used carbon steel forging material grade that used to manufacture forge piping components such as valves. This carbon steel material grade is used for ambient- and higher-temperature service in pressure systems.

The “N” in A105N stands for “Normalization” of A105.  The normalizing heat treatment will ensure the forging has superior properties to the “as forged” material.

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