4 Inch Full Port Ball Valve

BS 5351 Ball Valves, Flanged, 4 Inch, 300LB, Gear Operated, Body: Low Temperature Carbon Steel, Ball/Seat Ring: ASTM A352M Grade LCC+ENP,


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Key Specifications / Features

With compact structure of floating ball valve, turning the characteristics of quick opening 90 degrees, can close the valve, cut pipeline medium; Sphere passage diameter and pipe diameter, the same small flow resistance, circulation ability; Stem to remove theatrical makeup and costume type, to eliminate the stem wear out the accident happened, to ensure the safe useage.

Size: 4 Inch

Pressure: ANSI 300#

Design: BS 5351

Ends Connection: Flanged

Operation: Gear Operated

Body: Low Temperature Carbon Steel

Ball/Seat Ring: ASTM A352M Grade LCC + ENP

Bolting Material (Bolt): ASTM A 320 Gr.L7M

Bolting Material (Nut): ASTM A194 Gr.7M

Fire Safe Design: BS6755 Part 2, API607

Face to Face Dimension: L=305mm

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