30 Inch Ball Valve

30 Inch Ball Valves are designed to API 6D, double block and bleed, split body, 3 pcs body, available from Class 150 to Class 900.


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Key Specifications / Features

30 Inch Ball Valves are trunnion mounted ball valves, the extensive range includes soft-seated designs, split body, that provide excellent leak-resistance. 30 Inch ball valve are equipped with Emergency Sealant Injection, Low Emission Packing, Fire Safe, Anti-static And Anti-blowout Stem.

Trunnion-mounted ball design feature a “trunnion” anchoring at the top and bottom of the ball. This design provides a positive seal on both downstream and upstream seats, regardless of pressure, allowing for Double Block and bleed.

Construction: 3 Piece, Split Body
Nominal Diameter: 30″ (DN750)
Pressure: Class 150-900
End Connection: Flanged
Bore: Full Bore/Reduced Bore
Test and Inspection: API 598

30 Inch Ball Valve Dimensions

Pressure Ratings Dimensions (mm)
Class 150 1295 / 1397
Class 300 1397 1422 1397
Class 600 1651 1664 1651
Class 900 1880 1902 /

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