24 Inch Ball Valve

24 Inch Ball Valve, 24 inch ball valves are designed according to API 6D, and tested to API 598 standard, all 24 inch ball valves are strictly tested before sending to customer.


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Key Specifications / Features

24 Inch Ball Valve are for use in natural gas, LNG, crude oil, and refined products transmission lines.

24 Inch ball valves are soft seat trunnion mounted ball valves whcih provide excellent leak resistance in all your applications. Trunnion mounted ball valves feature additional support for the ball. This support is in the shape of a shaft and is called a trunnion. The trunnion absorbs any added pressure from the flow, reducing  stress on the ball and seats of the valve.

Valve Size: 24 inch (DN600)
Pressure Rating: Class 150- 900
Design Standard: API 6D
Bore: Full Bore/Reduced Bore
Ends: Flanged: ASME B16.5; BW: ASME B16.25
Body: Cast/Forged Steel
Price: $1300-$8500

24 Inch Ball Valve Dimensions & Weight

Pressure Ratings Dimensions (mm) Weight
Flanged RF Flanged RTJ BW (Kgs)
Class 150 1069 1080 1143 3075
Class 300 1143 1165 1143 3710
Class 600 1397 1407 1397 5373
Class 900 1549 1568 1549 5497
Class 1500 / 1972 7151

The dimensions are face to face dimensions as per API 6D standard.

The weight is for full bore ball valves.


Some of 24 Inch Ball Valves Supplied to Customer

Class 150, 24 Inch Ball Valves

The Class 150, 24 Inch ball valves are made of carbon steel, with SS316 trim, PEEK seat, the body is ENP plated to be suitable for sour natural gas.


Class 600, 24 Inch Ball Valves

The Class 600, 24 Inch Ball Valves are 3 pc bolted body, double block and bleed, the main material is:

Body: ASTM A105N,  Ball: A105+ENP, Stem: A182 F6a, Seat: Nylon

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